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Thread: How Long Is The Matix Reloaded

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    ive just joined the svcd version of the matix reloaded and it is a hour and a half, but im sure its meant to be 2 hours long is this right ?
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    Aint the movie around 2hours 5 mins or something close??? I know that the SVCD copy is on 3 discs, so maybe u aint downloaded the lot (just an estimated guess?!?) where did u download from? was it a torrent?
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    i didnt download it i got it from a friend (its quicker the n downloadeing lol) i though it was 2 hours long like
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    How many cds did m8 give ya??? if it was 2 u maybe got 1 missing and thats why the movies so short..
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    138 mins

    that is what it says on the nfo file on vcdquality.

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    2 hours 18minutes. says so on my cinemas website.
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    yeah its around 2hr and 20 mins


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