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    When looking for age of mythology i have found several large files of various types. I dont know what they are so mabey someone here knows.

    They are



    Age of Mythology - Final - CD1 - FLT.iso.exe & Age of Mythology - Final - CD2 - FLT.iso.exe

    These are big files and i don't want to download all of them if they cant be used.

    Do you burn them to CDs and run like originals or what ?


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    You can either burn them to a cd and install them that way, (burn using nero, the files are an ISO, make sure you rename those .iso.exe to just .iso). Or use a program like winiso to extract the files to your harddrive and then install straight from there.

    Those two bins you can extract using winiso too. Or burn to a cd but you need the cue files too.

    Best bet is to go with the two ISO files and then extract or burn, wichever is more convienent for you.

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    I dont know much about extracting an ISO file, is it like a RAR or a ZIP, will they self extract if i double click or will i need to download winiso. If i need winiso, does it work like winzip?

    Any general help here would be great.

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    Yes you need to download winiso, just do a search on google or go to and search there.

    It works almost exactly like winzip or winace winrar, whatever..

    You'll either have to set the file to open with winiso or open it through winiso. Just download the program and play with it a little, if you use winrar a lot you shouldn't have any problems.

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    If u want to extract them to ur hard drive i think u need winiso. I'm not sure how it works I assume it makes a virtual drive on your hard disk so its like u have an exact copy of the cd on your hard drive. If u want to burn them to cd all u need is a halfway decent cd burning program like nero.


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