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Thread: Drowning My Sorrows

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    NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!

    It's all going wrong for Sheffield Utd

    2-0 down after 35 minutes

    /me cracks open a beer and sulks

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    poor tyke, at least its only a game, eh???

    /me hides and waits for a load of abuse from crazy football fanatics

    p.s; maybe your ferrets have came to my town for the weekend, apparently we are holding a ferret race and a motorised scooter race this weekend. what next?
    They can tak' oour lives, but they cannae tak' oour troousers!
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    Another year to go could have been so different

    Ah well, it is only a game and there's worse things to worry about!

    Ferret racing? Now that's a sport I could get into


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