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Thread: how do i start on ATI crossfire

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    so it's that time of year where people want to buy me things. i can't really think of anything i need so i'm thinking i should bump my PC up a socket.

    anyone got any advice on the cheapest approach to take to next gen shit?

    right now i'm on a socket 754 athlon64 3000+ or sth, with a AGP radeon 9800 pro. i'm thinking of going socket 939 with some kind of ati crossfire compatible card so i can double it up in future.

    i'm just wondering if this is sensible and how much it'll cost to at least match the performance i have now (upgrade mobo, CPU, graphics). oh and where do i find crossfire compatible cards?

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    Well, first of all, if you are going for pwnage next gen stuff, you might want to reconsider getting socket 939.

    Then I might get something using socket AM2 (amd)/775 (intel).

    Since AMD and ATi are together now, I would probably be getting something AMD tho'. Just in case they decide to mess with crossfire compatibility and intel chips.

    Not saying getting something socket 939 might not be a good idea, if you get hold of that it might be cheap as anything, by now. Just wondering how long it'd be upgradeable, if you want to switch processors again.

    I'm sure someone who hangs around here knows better, tho', as I'm not really up to speed, although I did build an intel core 2 duo system a couple of months ago (and that mobo had crossfire support ).

    As for where to get it, I dunno. I was looking at since I use their swedish site, but I really dunno if they are good in the uk.

    I was hoping I could point out a graphics card that said crossfire edition or something, but at a quick glance, I didn't see any.

    If something interests you you can always go to the manufacturer's site and check what the card can do.

    I'm sure there might be things to think about with the mobo as well, but I'll have to defer to whoever knows more.


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