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    I know this has been posted before, but i didnt know how to search for this topic. I d/l a game that was in bin.exe. When i went to winISO to convert it to an iso i tried rename it, but it was already a bin. file. However, when i tried to find the file to convert it, it was not there. Am i doing something wrong?

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    Try using deamon tools

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    Why do you want to convert to ISO?

    I burn them in bin form on nero using the foreign image option...

    just select raw image at it goes ok

    Hope it helps

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    i dont have the cue, thats why im trying to convert. My daemon tools is messed up, it say " unable to mount image, unit is locked"

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    For raw image you don't need the cue file.

    Most bins are mode 2 with just 1 file and no music tracks. So it's safe to try to burn in a raw image mode.

    If it doesn't work the worse thing is that you burned a CD for nothing but those are really cheap.

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    when i dl files lik that i extract them with isobuster


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