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Thread: converting dvds

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    i am having a major problem with the dvds and tv shows that i am downloading the problem is that as they are all different formats depending on who you get them from that most times i can only play them on one dvd and not on any other machine or on my ps2 which is chipped with a matrix infinity i have tried convertxtodvd but that didnt work on any machine i normally use ashampoo but as i said that only works on one machine dvd santa works but only on the odd file nero 7 works sometimes so basically what i need is a really good program that will convert any type into a format that will play on any type of machine either dvd or ps2 so does this exist or am i dreamin?????????

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    I don't know what to say as I would have recommended convertxtodvd ,seems to do everything I ask it too . Mind you I'm not burning ps2 games , still seems odd . There is an update to VSO's program maybe try that ?

    Update link :

    For those in the know , Gold crack works wonderful , tried and tested .

    @aussie, here's the change log :

    ConvertXtoDVD - ( 13 Feb 2007 )

    Target size accuracy

    - 0000626: [Bug] Significant overflow of target size when source contains AC-3 stream(s)
    - 0000664: [Bug] Sound is too loud, with files with audio format mp3 128 44000Hz
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    What blank media are you using?

    Try other brands. Perhaps they're incompatible with your player(s).

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    DVD-R discs are higly recommended for ps2.
    Try taiyo-yuden or that's, both high quality media

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    hey guy's thanks for that help i am using ritek go5s they work great for dvds ps2 anything but my problem lies in trying to convert the many different file types to one that will play in any machine the ps2 games that i burn are ok and work in the moded machine but what i am trying to do is to get a file format that i can convert into that will play dvds on a moded ps2 when i burn anything with ashampoo it will play on only one machine in the house if i am able to burn with dvd santa it plays just about everywhere but dvdsanta will not accept all file types and give me a screen like unsupported video stream i have used win avi 7.1 but i get an error screen and the error is about 100 lines long


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