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Thread: 700mb tv eps- need a divx player that plays them

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    currently using a samsung divx dvd player but doesnt play the 700mb rips just 350mb ones

    anyone recopmmend a divx player less than 100.

    no recorder etc req just a simple divx player THAT does play them


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    Why not just stick to the 350mb ones if that's all your dvd player will play?

    Have you got a High Def TV to take advantage of the 700mb ones?

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    My Philips DVP-5960 [edited incorrect model number) plays them without issue.

    You do not need and hdtv to see the difference between the HDTV (336 lines) and HR.HDTV (540 lines) rips. A standard tv is capable of at least 480 lines.
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    I use a Phillips DVP too and it plays all divx movies burned in a cd perfectly. Although i wish my model had the usb2 capability.

    I bought mine for around $50 (I dont know how that translates to your own currency)

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    its more or less double the price here:

    looks good to me

    going to go ahead for it prob on monday

    i know 350mb eps are good
    but coz i use newsgroups/torrents and am on most level4/4.5/5 trackers i can get access to the 700mb rips basically minutes after the 350mb ones and are better quality. just my last 2 out of the box divx players havent played them and just come up as error but if the philips one can then thats me sorted

    im going to get hd tv as soon as blueray and hd more developed. sky are just ripping folk off and have no channels. im a guy and dont need to see footballers legs in more detial and you can only watch discovery channel so many times till u get bored. quality is good but ps3 looks like its gonna be a flop as no one has sold out and u can still guarantee one for launch day!

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    I have the Philips DVP642, and it works great for most. I only watch either hour(45m) or half hour(23m) episodes on it. There are some that the sound will go out of sync and all you have to do is pause it and it fixes itself. I have a feeling though it has something to do with the encoding.
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    the pause thingy happens on some files but usually its fine

    i just pause or rewind a couple of secs and play it and its perfect



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