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    Does anyone have the downloaded version of CM4 from kazaa here? Everytime I go into a game and halfway decide to change my tactics or sub some players out, the game comes up with a 'Attempt to create widget..." and I have to click it for 10 times before it goes away, and everytime I decide to make a change on the screen, it gives me the same error. Funny thing is that it only happens in matches.

    Can anyone help? Has this got to do with the fact that there's no registry settings? I've upgraded my version to 4.0.5

    Thanks in Advance!

    PS: Forest top of the table in div 1! woohoo!

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    This happened to me today also....

    I am on version 5 and it has only happened on this one?

    Also when you take a player out of a international friendly
    how do you make them avalaible for selection again???

    And why can you not send your scouts to the euro championships???


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    yeah i think it happens only after updating to 4.0.5? you're on 4.0.5 as well right?

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    Must be a prank by someone at Sigames, someone who obviously drinks john smiths!

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    You get the Widget Problem with the Ter skins and any imported skins that you use in the game. Play in Traditional Blue and it should get rid of the Widget problem!


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