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Thread: Problem related to Bittorrent. Please help me!

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    I am using a wireless connection to access the net.I am unable to download any file(.avi, .pdf) using Bittorrent client(ofcourse using those related torrents). These are the following error messages I got in Bittorrent software log file:

    WindowsUPnPException : none port_collection (XP)
    Problem connecting to tracker
    Discovery timed out
    NAT Traversal warning (XP: Unable to detect any UPnP services)
    Problem connecting to tracker

    Please help me in this. I have tried every possible other methods, used different torrent client software. It is just impossible.Please again help me.

    My firewall is turned off.

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    Disable upnp and manually forward your ports.

  3. BitTorrent   -   #3 will tell you how to forwrd port on your router


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