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Thread: Another question related to streaming

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    Suppose there is a link to watch a movie/video online, is it possible in anyway to download that video file so that you can watch it later. Assuming that no such options for download is available.
    Also is there any software which may help me in this i.e. downloading a video file directly from the server without streaming.
    Thanks again!

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    if you're using firefox there are extensions available for downloading streaming videos.. look on the mozilla addons website, there are quite a few there.

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    Exactly, and whatever your browser, you can retrieve the complete video file URL, thus you can copy and paste it in your address bar to download it anywhere you like.
    Just right-click on the embedded video and choose Properties.
    There, you will the see the complete URL!

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    Thanks! I appreciate your solutions very much. Also, you see you cannot integrate DAP with Firefox and so you paste that URL in DAP download option and bingo.....The solution was so simple. Its really good to share knowledge.
    Thanks again.

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    use urlsnooper
    most websites work but not all


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