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Thread: Is there any site where you can ask questions to a Computer/IT guru free of cost?

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    I am looking for a site or you can say that particular Computer guru's site, where he/she can solve my problems. Like I post him my problems and then he mails me its solution/suggestion freely.

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    Try this forum !

    Who is going to run a website just so that they can help you for free !

    Some guru's try/need to make a living from helping people or companies with their computers. (I used to in the 80's)

    Try getting someone to mow your lawns for nothing !



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    Yeah, try asking your questions here

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    There are a few sites around I think (whilst the info may be for free revenue is gained through adverts so it's worth it for those running the sites). is one example.

    Most will be forum based though so it's worth just using this site to post your questions.

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    There are multiple forums around the world whose sole purpose is to help others. This forum is one of them and, for example, is specialized in encoding, video questions.
    Just try to type your question in Google and, if it is well formed and contains all the necessary information, you will find your site in no time!

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    experts exchange
    you only get so many points when you join up though

  7. Internet, Programming and Graphics   -   #7 has a forum, and most people are happy to help for free. You could try there, and you could also try posting your problem here!

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    A good one that I have used is It's a tech forum with a lot of it people who help for free.

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    69 is a very good site if you want to ask about computer hardware. People on the forum helped me many times in the past.

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    Quote Originally Posted by m.r.davies View Post

    experts exchange
    you only get so many points when you join up though
    Back when it was possible to look at answers to questions on there through the google-cache (what a bunch of nubs to not notice that was possible, and for ages too), I used to look at what people on there had to say, and I can't say I'm very impressed about the quality of the answers I've seen.

    I certainly wouldn't pay.

    I also think I once saw someone make a useful reply on there and get moderated for it since he wasn't registered as a helper or something (might not be EE but a similar place, tho').

    All in all, places like that aren't worth the hassle.


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