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Thread: Matrix And Animatrix

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    Hi all. Not sure if this should have been added to the other matrix posts but i'm watching Reloaded tomorrow. One question is should i watch "animatrix" beforehand, and secondly for those who have seen reloaded, is their a trailer for "the Hulk" and also at the end of the credits, a trailer for Revoloutions ?

    ps i'm watching it at Showcase so some of the trailers may be different. Thanks

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    There is a trailer after revolutions. I know because I've seen the post. I do not have the hash, however, sorry, but it is out there.. it's kinda sucky I think, personally. It tells you nothing. Animatrix is all the gory stuff they couldn't put up on the big screen. I know part of it explains how people were hooked up to the matrix... and yeah, that's the gory part... Watching it may not help you in my opinion, cuz it deals pretty much with pre-matrix stuff from what I've heard. Hope this helps. There is associated hulk trailers out there. Helps if you go to the official thread too you know. bye!

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    i thnk there was a trailer 4 the hulk...... and ive seen it twce; once there was the rev trailer, once not, so deppends on were u go :S watch flight of the osiris if u cn b4


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    i watched it today, and i got the revolution trailer. I didnt know about it, till a friend mentioned it. So we all stayed back to watch it.

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    Right where do is start:

    (i) there was no trailer for the hulk, i wsa gutted. I've seen it on the website but owuld have liked to have seen it on the big screen

    (ii) Reloaded was great

    (iii) there was no trailer at the end. I was last man out to so felt even more gutted...and a prat


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