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Thread: just popped in my mind

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    hey guys..i am a reall old bittorent user!..i've been using bittorent since suprnova and the gr8 old torrentbits!..i had sct(and also with its early name pretorrents) and u*-" ..but that was back in the old days cuz i got hacked and all my accounts were like 1 month ago or something!..i got a invite from a friend for bitmetv..but after a while i got 2 their irc..n they said some1 is using mail adress almost identical 2 mine..turns out to be the mail that was taken from me when i was hacked..and he got the same old username i had ..and he hacked from me! i was just wondering if some1 could view the SCT and U*-* users list!..he could tell me if the account still there! just wondering about that..would be glad if some1 tell me..thnx anyway guys!

    P.S..plz if u find the topic silly just dont comment!
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    Username marksman doesnt exist on SCT

    I dont think there is a way of check on u*** unless you message a staff member.


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