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Thread: New space saving invention by me !

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    Hi Guys

    You know how we are all always looking for more space on our computer desks (not the Windows desktop) the real physical wooden thing.

    Well LCD screens are great for this, as are wireless mice and keyboards. But I think we could go one step further and make keyboards without the right hand side numeric keypad !

    This would make the average keyboard quite a bit smaller (and cheaper - less keys and plastic).

    I think that for the likes of accountants and accounts clerks and heavy duty spreadsheet users the extra keypad is great. But for me (an average power user ?) I never use it.

    So as this is a world first idea I am going to offer it to Logitech and Microsoft on the basic of a million dollar licencsing agreement on a first come first served basis.

    What do you think ?

    Or has someone beaten me to it, because I would love to buy one as the extra six inches square on my desk would be great for my coffee cup or a mouse or a calculator, clock or an excercise book, or a family photo etc etc.

    What is the patent office's phone number ?



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    Do a google search for "compact keyboard" They've been around for a while. Some of the wireless ones are pretty nifty, like ones Gyration makes.

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    hahah you probably should have looked around for a keyboard without the side keypad first...

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    I don't know if the idea already exists, but in fact, I don't like it.
    I'm not a accountant, and a barely use spreadsheets, but i kinda got used to that keypad. It's useful if you need to type numbers with one hand, and I don't really need the extra space. what really annoys me is the NumLock button - if there are buttons there, why make them unpressable?

    edit: I just saw a keyboard like that for sale, so I guess the idea is already taken... I'm sorry you're not going to get rich, but at least you can buy one for yourself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by digmen1 View Post
    ... I would love to buy one as the extra six inches square on my desk would be great for my coffee cup or a mouse or a calculator, clock or an excercise book, or a family photo etc etc...
    Right. Remove the numeric keypad and replace it with a calculator.

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    New space saving invention by me

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    can I curse? FUCK!
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    The proverbial "Owned" would be useful right now?

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    Well they all laffed at Leonardo too .

    I'd have a hell of a time setting up my BIOS without the number pad and buttons , it's what I'm use to .
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    Thanks guys.

    It looks like I won't be getting rich any time soon !

    I suppose I could sue them !

    Anyway I am just pleased that they are available.

    Somehow they need to become more mainstream and then those of us like Timer could buy a full sized keyboard if they really like or need the numeric keypad.

    And when I said you could use the space to place a coffee cup or mouse or calculator ! that was a typo I meant to say pot plant.

    Kind Regards


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    pot plant, calculator.
    I can see that being a typo. I mean, the keys are right next to eachother.

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