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    apparantly there are extra battles on the 8 mile dvd n e one seen these, r they n e good. N E 1 got them??????


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    I want them too, I've only seen clips and it's really good!, the fact that it's not pre-written makes it alot better

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    huh of course its pre written
    how stupid would the movie look if it wasnt supposing someone messed up or something
    its called a movie script
    no one would make a movie if parts had to be improved
    especially important parts such as the battles

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    if you wanna see them so bad go buy the dvd dont be so cheap

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    yeah then rip it B) B) B)

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    yeah we rented the dvd once its like people that tried out for the movie and they freestyle. its pretty cool but i only watched a little bit of it.

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    yeah heres the whole jsut of it... they are like ok we had these people working in a hot sweaty building for weeks so lets give them a reward and give them a chance to be in the movie. they let people try out then norrow it down... then again... then again... then like the last 3 people battle eminem for a chance to be in the movie but um none of em actually get in the movie lol

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    has some decent battle videos includings eminem at the 97 rap olympics


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