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Thread: Utorrent

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    well i got utorrent 1.6.1 and ive been using it for awhile now...and suddenly everytime i load it up now and i try and browse websites too the websites are taking ages to load

    anybody else havin these problems?????

    Cheers Ellis

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    nop but i think thats because the download and upload limit is very high so that their is no speed for the browser to load any site

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    stupid question the pages load slowly when you're downloading something fast on utorrent? bandwidth is finite dude, so if that's the problem then just limit your bandwidth on utorrent to like 50 kB/s under your max.

    edit: i see sigma beat me to it

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    Nopeee Even If No Downloads Are Downloadinngg The Sitess Still Load Sloww

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    must be problem with your isp if you have the same trouble even after closing utorrent.

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    You can try going to Preferences, Bittorrent, setting protocol encryption to forced, and uncheck allow incoming legacy connections. If your ISP is throttling bittorrent users, than doing that would make it so that they couldn't recognize your packets as being bittorrent traffic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ellis101 View Post
    Nopeee Even If No Downloads Are Downloadinngg The Sitess Still Load Sloww
    But are you uploading? You cant be using all your upside bandwidth.

    did you use the speed guide? you should try not to have your upside settings more then 80% or your achievable bandwidth (not what you ISP says they are giving you).

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    Yeahh I Usedd The Speed Guide And Ive Got a 10mb NTL Internet Connection


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