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Thread: need help with these stars and abbreviations

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    hey guys,

    I know that some tracker urls are not allowed to be posted here, but is there some off-site page that can tell me what the abbreviations stand for? or can someone PM me with them?

    Ive gotten some, but some of the ones I really dont get are:
    RP, FSC, WB, NB, FTN, FTWR, E***o and U***

    can someone please PM me with the names or URLs of these sites?


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    Ok, I will give you that perhaps the ones with the "*" are a but tough, but, how hard did you really look for the rest. The first 2 i looked for i found on the first result page on google

    But in the end, what does it matter, knowing the url is not going to get you in to them anyway.

    Read here a bit and you will figure them out!


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