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Thread: New Superman & Batman Movies?

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    Someone told me they read on one website there was scripts for 3 more Superman movies, or at least they were planned, and 3 Batman movies, plus a Superman Vs Batman movie at the end.
    The 3 movies each being the 3 stages of life for each superhero: early years, at his peak, then the later ones.
    Does this sound unrealistic to anyone like or does anyone know any other shit regarding this?
    True or false?!!!
    Dunno who would play Kent (the dude from smallville!??) or Wayne (Keaton impressed me most, suppose he's too old now).
    Would love the movies tho. Sure they are years off. Shit.

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    new supermamn movies would be good ... i think
    i never really watched old ones but new technology COULD make them good
    batman vs. superman??????????????????...explain what you heard cause i think one would get beat in 2 seconds
    im looking forward to punisher and hulk tho
    as for new batman movies .. hope its nothing like 'batman & robin' that shit just sucked

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    Hmm...apparntly yes that was the WB's plan...but for now all they are trying to do is get Superman off the ground, the script for the next Batman movie is apparently on the web here ...Id say this isnt a working script, but Im pretty sure the film will follow the same premise. WB is desperately trying to rush both into production to compete with MArvels upcoming blockbusters (F4, Blade3, Spider-man 2, and Punisher). Oh and in a recent interview with Paul Walker he said that he turned down the role of Supes because he would have had to sign a 3 film contract. So they may be doing a character development for the Superman films. As for Supes & Bats ...egh...there are rumors all over the place..but if WB is really desperate to get there hands back in the comic film buisness Id expect the film somtime before 2007.

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    I dont know exactly whats involved with the Vs Film, i just know it would be pretty fuckin cool.
    Possibly, if the films chart each superhero's life, they may be intertwined and some shit happens that sparks off the Vs film.
    Bit like smallville i suppose, we dont know why Lex and Clarke get to hate eachother so much (maybe we do, i have only go to s2e17 or something), but anyway you get the picture. i hope. lol.
    sorry dudes. mind wanders sometimes in such a daze.

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    I saw on channel E..that Justin Timberlake has been asked to be in the new superman movie, but they weren't sure if it was to be superman or Jimmy Olsen. Did rollin on Dubs say he never watched the old Superman movies? What the hell? They are classics! Thats like not ever seeing the Star Wars trilogy...

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    hahaha i havent even sen the star wars movies either
    im 16 tho
    i seen one star wars and didnt think too highly of it
    seen the new ones tho

    dont respond to me saying thats sad i havent or telling me i should see them

    ps. never seen any of the planet of the apes

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    Ok, I won't respond telling youj how sad that it is, but why are you posting it on here? Telling us all you haven't seen all these movies? You want to express yourself, but you doin't expect anyone else to? That doesn't seem fair....but since you are still a kid I guess I can understand why you haven't seen any classics, you probably think Scream3 is a classic.

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    this is wat i found on batman ill try to find superman to

    Batman 5

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    scream 2 is classic

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    I can't even remember which scream is which, Drew Barrymore was hot though..the first one right?The best part of that dumb set of you wanna talk classics in horror? A Nightmare on Elm Street......nuff said.

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