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Thread: Spybot - reuslts what to do about them

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    Hi GUys

    I use Spybot (and Adaware) regularly on my PC.

    With Spybot every time I run it I get some ad trackers and I run the fix option.

    But then the next time I run Spybot they are back again.

    They are ones such as Avenue A, Hitbox, Fast Click, Zedo.

    I realise they are probably not a major problem, but should I try to stop them permanantly (if there is a way) or should I just accept that they will be there each time.

    (I have never used the immunize option - is this what this is for ? and if so, does it work Ok ?)



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    The immunize option should protect you from future exploits , best to do it after an update .

    There are better programs out there by the way , Counterspy ,Giant to name two . The Microsoft flavour Defender , I don't trust much .

    Found this on a Spybot forum :
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    Try Spybot (with the immunization database activated), Ad-Aware, SpywareStopper, Windows Defender and SpywareBlaster. Unlike antiviruses, there is no problem using mutiple antispywares at the same time.

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    my experience tells me to never trust a single anti-spywaresoftware.
    i run 3 of them in a weekly basis, and my choices go to Ewido (now belongs to AVG if i remember), Xoftspy and spybot.
    run those 3 and you will be clean, imo

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    What Spybot is finding comes from the cookies you collect when surfing, one of them may even come from here. The problem is if you block certain cookies it can prevent you from accessing certain web sites, so you can do two things as I see it. One ignore them and let spybot delete them each time, or two you can tell spybot to ignore them and let them stay in your temp folder with add to ignore list or something of that sort. You can still delete the cookies on occasion with Ccleaner to keep them from gathering too much info.


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