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    I downloaded a Myth version of Morrowind III: The Elder Scrolls and, it seemed to work fine installing it, except that it couldn't extract two files, and then when I went to install the game, I got an error. I guess those two files were important. Anyway,

    Anyone know a Morrowind file that works?


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    the myth verizon so work.. thatz the one i have...

    after you install u gotta do something else... therez this thing that further extracts a couple of files... you should read the README that they give you or instructions... look at all the notepad documents it comes with... usually it tells you what to do...

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    Yeah, I followed the instructions verbatim (including using the setup.bat file after installing) and still no game... Thanks for the advice, though. By the way, the file I downloaded was just called Morrowind.exe... Any other advice?

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    Probably it got corrupted during the download. If so you can do nothing else than redownload it.

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    get an .iso and burn it

    but ive used the MYTH version and the speech addon

    good luck


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