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Thread: The Mx Family ( Macromedia Stuff )

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    How's every 1 on this fine night....

    any way i just wanted to ask if any one knows or has heard any rumors of what is next in the Macromedia Range ( after MX )

    DreamWeaver MX. or any shit like that

    cos MX has been out a while now and u know how Macromedia luvs to bring out a new family of products...

    just thought i would ask u software nuts...

    tanks and take it easy

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    I don't think MM are planning on a whole new product range to replace MX. They may just do upgrade versions after this because, as it stands, the MX studio will be very hard to beat.

    But no, I've heard and seen nothing about new versions of DW MX, FW MX, etc.

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    Compared to how the original (non-MX) range of Dreamweaver, Fireworks et al has lasted, the MX range is relatively new. They already have a reputation of being as user-friendly but more powerful than Frontpage, Paint etc so they're unlikely to replace it just yet.

    If anything, it'll just be simple upgrades; there's already some for Flash & Dreamweaver on the MM web site (strangly none for Fireworks - But then I haven't seen many bugs in it )

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    I think the MX family is great, it hasnt been out all that long for a peice of software and so i guess they will just concentrate on updating them and improving them.


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