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Thread: Most Useful Movie/TV Related Sites

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    I thought it would be nice if we can have a single thread that would provide a list of movie/tv related sites that will help you in, you know, watching a movie, either via downloads or at theaters.

    I will start with my list. Please post the URLs you know, that haven't been posted in this thread. It will be nice if you can post a one line description of the site too, like I do.

    Earth's Biggest Movie Database
    IMDB equivalent for TV Shows

    Provides detailed info on SCENE releases, with screenshots

    DVDRip News
    The only site which tells you when a DVDRip will be released on to the net

    C'mon guys, please post your favorite links

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    Looks like I will have to continue

    Provides cumulative scores for movies, games, tv shows etc based on critic reviews

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    Tv Show Subtittle

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    Thanks wayneyg and kamiliana

    Apple Trailers's High Quality Trailer Index

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    644 its all i need

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamiliana View Post

    Tv Show Subtittle
    THe link isnt working..

    Any other link..?
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    I really love TWOP(television without pity). They have some amazing recappers, and the forums are very active with both spoilers and discussions.

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    i use Imdb all the time to find out info on movies

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    all the ones i use have been added but theres some new ones here i havnt seen before, thanks for the links

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