Greetings to all - new to the forum - looks like a great resource!

Am playing F.E.A.R. (First Encounter Assault Recon) - good game. Installed from F.E.A.R_AlcoholClone and am running SR7.Stopv1..exe and the game works great.

Now I want to play Extraction Point but I'm not sure what version I need.

I have not yet upgraded F.E.A.R which I believe I need to do to install the expansion.

Couple of questions;

1) How can I tell what version (UK or US) of the game I have? When I look at the readme.txt file on the game DVD it says (at the beginning):
"F.E.A.R. - First Encounter Assault Reconnaissance
English Version
Readme File
August 30, 2005

At the end of the readme file where it talks about the END-USER LICNSE AGREEMENT it has all references to the United Kingdom...

Also when the game starts up it displays (in the lower corner) "v1.0 - Retail"

Therefore what version is this game?

2) Knowing what the version is, I can then install the correct (depending on UK or US) upgrade - do I need to upgrade to ver1.07 or 1.08?

Many thanks for your help.