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Thread: How to make emule download faster?

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    One simple question ... how can i make emule to download faster?

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    Firstly don't bother trying cracks and patches that claim to increase download speed.
    They are all fakes trying to get you to pay money for nothing or just a way to infect your
    computer with spyware.

    Set the emule upload speed limit to 70-80% of the capacity of your connection. Your computer needs some spare upload capacity to acknowledge incoming data.

    Connect to a server. On the server tab look at the log and the 'my info' section.

    If it says "You have a lowid. Please review your network config and/or your settings." in the log and firewalled in the 'my info' section then you need to sort out your firewall and router setting to get a high id.

    Open a command prompt and type ipconfig. IF the ip address of the network adaptor that you use to connect to the internet is 192.168.x.x 10.x.x.x or 172.16-32.x.x then you are behind a connection sharing system, typically a d-link, netgear, broadcom or linksys box. You have to find it, look what model it is, get a manual off the manufacturers website and configure portforwarding. See

    If you have firewall software on the PC you have to configure it to allow emule to receive incoming connections. If you have zonealarm uninstall it and hope it uninstalls properly, somtimes you have to reinstall windows to get a highid after having zonealarm on the machine, it is shit and zonelabs don't care.

    If you have a crappy router and emule drops connections before sending/receing a full 9.28MB chunk try reduing the max number of connetions in emule options->preferances. 40 is fine, you don't need hundreds.

    The next thing is patience. You often just have to wait to get files from emule.

    You have to remember that everthing you download on emule is coming from the computer of other people like you. Don't expect to upload at 10KB/s and download at 100KB/s all the time. You have to give back and there is a credit system to enforce that.
    "I went over to a friend's house the other day. He was having problems with his computer and he asked me to look at it, and I realized he had Windows Me and it's like, oh no—that's your first problem."-Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell.

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    While `zaphodiv' has covered most of the stuff, I'd like to add my penny's worth..

    1) Low ID does not hurt.. just remember that if you have a Low ID, you cannot download from another Low ID user. Generally the %age of Low ID's are about 30%, so if you select files with lots of sharers, the Low ID is no problem.

    2) Share.. suppose you want to download metal music, put decent metal music files in your shared folder.. This will help you earn credits from other sharers who are into metal music, chances are that they might be having the files you want, and if they upload your shared files, you get valuable credit points from them, which will help you to move up their `Q' faster.

    3) The most vital point.. you might be having a 1gig download speed, but what if the files you are downloading is being uploaded by people who have low upload speed? Hence your download speed is directly controlled by the upload speed of the persons you are downloading from

    4) Try to download a minimum of 5 files (max 25) at a time and see you speed rock.. do not try to download more than 25 files at a time or you might get blacklisted by the server


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