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Thread: Linksys Router Config

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    last year i bought a linksys wireless router for my pc and 2 laptops, i had to home networking thing all setup and working good, then something went wrong, i couldnt connect to other comps from "shared" folders or anything, i want to know whats going on

    *i have lastest firmware and drivers for all cards and router

    1st pc-win2k 128mb mem, linksys NIC card

    1st laptop- win98se 128mb mem, linksys wireless card

    2nd laptop- winXPpro (kazaa vers) 128mb mem, linksys wireless card

    "Linksys Wireless Acess Point Router 2.4ghz 802.11b with 4-port switch" model no. BEFW11S4 V.2

    need anymore info?

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    Try here, see what help you get:

    Linksys Cable/DSL Router Help - Basics

    Tech Helper

    Maybe even trying tech support??
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    just dont work! i guess i have to find nother way

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    I think the same thing happened to me. I have a linksys wireless G router. A laptop and a desktop is connect wirelessly to it and my desktop is connectly directly to it. I think you should first make sure that all of the computers are in the same workgroup. In 98 thats somewhere in the control panel under networking and in one of the tabs. (its been a while so I am not to sure about this) In win XP home open windows explorer and right click on My Computer then properties. Go to the computer name tab. I think this is the same as XP pro.

    Im not sure how I fixed the problem or how the workgroup changed in the first place. I think I just left it alone for a while and afterwards I could share files again. lolz


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