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    Is it possible to do a vhs to dvd? I want to convert some of my films to dvd. What do I need hardware wise?


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    You need a video capture card. To connect your VCR to your PC.

    Software to record to your computer(called ripping). Usually comes with the card but many others are available.

    Software to author and/or burn the DVD movie.(many to choose from)

    DVD burner. There are different formats...DVD-R, DVD+RW, etc., what is your home DVD player compatible with?(see link below)

    Those are the fundamental things you need. There are many different brands of hardware and software available.

    First you better read a lot of the guides at

    Plan on ruining blank DVDs as you learn.
    Plan on trying different types of software as you learn.

    Everyones' aptitude is different and nothing anyone posts in this thread can tell you exactly what to do.

    It ain't easy[or quick] so have some patience.

    Good luck with it...

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    Thanks for the guide and advice.


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