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    Hey, I really want some trailer park boys episodes but whenever i try to download them it will say not enough sources even if there are 5 or 6 users that have it, i do not know what the prblem is but i dont like it, i want trailer park boys!!

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    The reason it says not enough sources is because the file sharing works on a particpation system...the higher your level is(in the corner next to your user name) the better your chances are of getting a connection...

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    mine says master (1000) so thats not it

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    Apr 2003
    I had them ALL (except for like two that were corrupt half-files)
    But then my computer died and I had to format
    That's when I decided to partition
    (If you haven't partitioned your HD; DO IT, for the Love of God!!&#33

    But there were never very many sources to begin with.
    I mean, it's filmed in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada (only 6 hours from where I live in NB)

    So not that many people know about it.

    But just keep it on search fopr a while till you get a DL ETA
    of less than a day and then one whole day just let it DL. Trust me. They are SOO worth the wait.

    And If you're a real trooper, get the film/pilot (It comes in three parts)

    Good Luck!

    - Loomy

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    first season was five minutes away from me
    and the second&thrid about 15

    if you go to the showcase website they are releasing the first two seasons on dvd and vhs so i think i might wait for that


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