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Thread: Pal To Ntsc

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    Alright,... First post, so be kind.

    I have a movie in PAL format that I can not get to play on my TV/DVD. I get the rolling picture even if I change the dvd setting to pal.

    Is there a way to convert or renecode to NTSC. I've seen some other commentary about how the audio needs to be slowed down, and frame frate conversion et. al... but that is not really helping me out.

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    Is this movie a dvd, vob file., mpeg, mpeg2, avi, mov, ram or what?

    virtualdub or flaskmpeg are the programs i use and they can both convert

    and dont worry we were all virgins once

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    mpeg2 files. when I attempt an open with vdub i get "MPEG Filer: Packet Synch error"

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    Try flaskmpeg.

    have you tried to open it with divfix this will open kazaa .dat files, mpegs, avi's and junk and repair them.

    im no expert, but what file is it?, are you sharing it? can i get it on kazaa? does it play on your computer?

    let me try it and see.

    if your on adsl have you tried re-downloading it

    i take it you're in n america, using ntsc.


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