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Thread: New,Can someone start me off, with BitMe

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    Im new to the private tracker scene, and as such dont have anything to offer or know of any way in apart from asking for someone to help me out with a tracker.

    Does anyone have a spare BitMe invite, or is this too much to expect for a freebie tracker?

    Thanks in advance


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    good luck u will find someone here who can invite u
    Maybe one day we'll wake up and this will all just be a dream

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    are you mainly looking for a good e-learning tracker or...?

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    yes E-learning trackers

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    Here are a few elearning trackers you can sign up for.
    FREE Registration will be available from 05th MARCH 2007 00:00 GMT till 08th MARCH 2007 00:00 GMT

    I can send you a torrent-damage, invite, PM me your Email.
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