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Thread: First Thing You Install After Windows

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    Please tell me what software you install immediately after installing Windows.
    I don't mean drivers or stuff like that but just software that you can't do without.
    Or to put it an other way: What software has become an absolute necessity to you?

    Mine would be UltraBar. (Customized of course)

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    hmm, dunno, usually just slap the basic stuff on as soon as i finish, kazaa lite, codec pack, winamp.
    then as i use stuff again thats when i nistall it

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    These are my essentials in this order

    Regcleaner (freeware) + easycleaner (freeware) for cleaning the registry (also use tweak-xp registry cleaner if on xp) run them all for best results, but they don do it all so use regedit as well if you are brave

    ZDELETE windows bleaching program like windows washer but better in my humble opinion it has a bin on the desktop, very useful

    zonealarm (freeware) firewall
    antivir (freeware) anti virus
    ad aware (freeware) removing spyware
    Xp antispy (freeware) stop microsoft taking over world
    tvtool 6.5 tv out for nvidia cards

    scrub-xp (freeware) button on taskbar to reset desktop and clear url history temp internet files etc like a panic button

    if you are not purchasing the progs then i would suggest freeware because of the updates essential for antivirus and firewalls

    Length: 994008 Bytes,970KB
    UUHash: =K/J0aBNPAaNJxZreoQQTbvihEtg=

    File: RegCleaner.exe
    Length: 553687 Bytes,540KB
    UUHash: =NhiT/pSiAVietYnyp4OfEKfwHBQ=

    File: EClea1_7.exe
    Length: 1472713 Bytes,1438KB
    UUHash: =+2//rg4yE198aLsHV9boJ4gjgSU=

    ive tried everything to quicklink but it don work for me

    this is a double post cus im dumb pleez excuse

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    MusicMatch then my games. got to here my tunes where i kill the other guy..... lol

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    Winamp, Microsoft Word, Games, Kazaa Lite and codecs and AIM.

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    First things first people!
    1.Antivirus software - this should be the very first thing!
    3.Now that those 2 essential things are installed it's off guessed it
    Windows Critical Updates
    4.Winzip/Winrar - gotta have em'
    After that it's a free for all!

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    Same as above for me with the addition of Quake2 and the All Seeing Eye.


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    First thing is always MSN Messenger, Photoshop7 and Flash MX...not nesacarilly in that order though...

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    Manny Calavera, it's better to get freeware from a site directly. After all it's free & 0% chance of file corruption & newest available versions.

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