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    Has any won out there seen this come up ( FOURCC codec XVID ) wmp or divx when trying to play a dl movie? I have installed NimoLite pack10, but don't even really understand what it is apart from maybe codecs. And as a first time downloader of movies don't have a clue whats going on. I have sound in windows media player but no picture and divx well just an error tag. Is there certain types of films you can download and simply play without searching hundreds of pages of info and then to find out its so confusing you just give up. Anyone can help please Cheers B)

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    You tryed downloading matrix huh, yea well i had that same problem and it is a fake i reasearched it and fourcc 0 is called a fake nothing fourcc should have something after it instead of just 0 cuzz zero is zero, so try and download it from somewhere ealse.


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