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Thread: Your Favorite All-time C=64 Game...

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    Mine was Fort Apocalypse

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    I liked it so much I found a PC version that's almost exactly the same as the original. If anyone wants it I can email it to you (it's only 80Kb). It works great on Win 95/98, but I don't know about XP.

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    Either Paradroid or Bards Tale 3....prob Paradroid tho!

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    I cant rembr the exact title somethin like
    Monty soomers revenge

    U played this indiana jones type character, climbing
    ropes and dodging booby trips while collecting diamonds,loved it

    Another one diff system but another classic game was fate of atantis
    for the amiga.Classic adventure took me months to complete the
    puzzles were solid to work out plus it was on 11 floppy disks and u had to swop a disk every scene change,so we took it in turns to sit
    by the comp swoping the disks


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