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Thread: Azureus wont download with wireless connection

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    popwar's Avatar Popwar
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    ever since i had to connect to my brothers wireless network i cant download off azureus really. 2kb/s max. i've tried turnin upnp off and resetting the router and forwarding ports none of those thigns works. i've looked at the azureus wiki on NAT problems they still dont help. sometimes i get message on az says UPnP Mapping peer data port (TCP/57531) failed. or any port i try. it also shows up as UDP too. i dont know what the hell is wrong. my firewall is turned off and everything. its a linksys WRT54G router i think and i have a netgear WG111 802.11g Wireless USB 2.0 network adapter.

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    hey men
    i had the same problem and im using the edimax wireless router.
    the problem was with the ports in the router you have to open them

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    Ive tried portwarding, hasnt worked, i cant seem to connect to any seeders or peers either on most movies, Ive downloaded the on a mates laptop, worked fine. So still no luck, sum type of settings sumwheer??

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    Nope So annoying, was fine until reformated, and reinstalled.

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    how about trying utorrent?

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    Just tryed it, currently downloading at under 10kbps qwith 46 seeders and 50 peers

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    What's the usual speed u got b4 formatting?

    You might wanna try reinstalling/updating the wireless adapter driver.


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