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Thread: Streaming Audio Books

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    Hello all I have a few audio books and was wondering if anybody would be intersted in tuning into my Shoutcast station to hear an audiobook what you all think?

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    I reckon people'd go for it, if you pick good times, and publicise it well...people will need to tune in to the whole thing, can't drop by half way through.....maybe you could do it at a certain time over a few weeks, say 3 weeks 1/3 of the book on each???
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    Good idea batman. Like vivitron 15 said, as long as you pubilise it well & give people plenty of notice (i&#39;d say advertise it about a week before your due to broadcast), then I can&#39;t see it being a problem.

    Maybe even give members a choice, say, of two or three?


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