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    i downloaded maya unlimited and it seems all the files are correct but i cant install the crack , if anyone knows any other way to install it plz tell me


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    You mean you can't understand the instructions in the crack readme? LOL - Don't worry; if you've got the version I think, then don't bother trying to understand them. The readme which most versions of MU on Kazaa come with have incomplete instructions in a language that is complex to most people.

    Search on Kazaa again for the crack, and click on one with 'MUCH BETTER INSTRUCTIONS' in the title. These files has a readme that looks at the original crack instructions and writes them more user-friendly. Trust me - It's much better if you get this crack just for the readme

    Unfortunatly, Maya is one of those programs that are frustrating to crack due to using signatures from a PC (in this case, a PC's ethernet address). If you want to use Maya, you'll have to create a unique licence for Maya and add that in. Relax - How to do it is in the more comprehensive readme

    Unfortunately, I can't find a hash right now to help - Though it isn't hard to find it on Kazaa last time I saw

    Good luck. Hope that helps

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    if theres a .nfo file, open it in notepad.
    It usually tells you how in there.

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    if you cant install.... god your gonna have a fucking hard time using it!!!! ive got maya 4.5 unlimited .. ive used 3d studio max for about 2 years now and i still cant make much more than a box on maya! :| tis friggin hard !!

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    i did wut the notepad said but it seems like , its missing a lot of stuff, and i cant figure it out how to install it, well could someone help me out and send me the notepad? or make a notepad and tell me how to install it



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