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Thread: Help find a forgotten movie

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    I would appreciate if anyone could help me figure out the title of a movie which I have been searching for.

    It is a UK film made in the 70's or early 80's about a group of tough city kids.
    They have to deal with a bully who threatens to burn their bare asses with a lit cigar. Eventually someone actually gets the cigar burn while upside down in a garbage can in an alley.

    Memories of this film have haunted me- please help.

    PS another weird movie to haunt kids dreams: THe Mouse and His Child

    (contains psychedelic BONZO-brand never ending dog food can label paradox & and existentialist dilemas)
    hungry, mmmm...

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    Your weird but got me looking . Try here ?

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    thanks brother, i'll give it a try.

    Wow that might be it, but I can't be sure. If anyone knows more about this film or can locate it, I'd really appreciate it.

    Never, Never Land,_...and_(1980_film)
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    hungry, mmmm...


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