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    does any 1 know how to put games on a psp???

    any ideas please any 1??? please
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    1. First, you need to modify your firmware. !! be aware that you can potientialy, brick your psp !! brick psp mean

    On wich psp firmware are you ?

    ''To figure out what version of Sony PSP firmware you have on your PSP, push the little "home" button so you can get to the top level navigation where you can move between functional areas, then use the left arrow to move all the way to Settings, then use the up and down arrows as appropriate to find System Settings:

    Push the "X" button to select System Settings and you'll get to System Information:

    Finally, push the "X" button one more time and you'll find out what version of the firmware you have on your PSP:

    ''As you can see, I'm running Version 2.60.

    The MAC Address on this display, by the way, is the unique identifier that the PSP uses when communicating with Internet devices, it's basically the address of the network interface device.''

    ps : hide your mac adress since its unique and private !


    2. use a psp to pc usb cable.

    3. You need a sandisk duo pro to store your games in the psp.

    size is an important factor : depend if you mean psp games or emulated system games like snes, nes ..

    You will finaly need a psp homebrew soft wich will emulate your psp game .iso (according that you want to play a psp game.) Devhook

    goto for that. best place for secure psp softs.

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    Just install Dark_AleX's custom firmware (latest version is 3.10OE-B I think). Should be able to google it easily


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