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Thread: Repairing A Bad Sector

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    it all started yesterday. i restarted my computer and all of a sudden, it tells me that my hard drive may have a bad sector and then it ran scandisk (dos mode) by itself, and after it ran a surface scan( i think) , anyways. windows told me to run scandisk when i cancelled the surface scan because it was taking too long , and when windows loaded up, i ran scandisk and it said that it found errors and fixed them all. so i restarted and what do you know, stupid windows again gives me that stupid error message.
    so guys, do you know how to repair a bad sector on a hard drive. btw i have a maxtor 60GB and windows 98 se.

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    thanks for the reply, i'll think of installing xp.
    but i'll try your other idea first, i'll try going into safemode and running scandisk and defrag if time persists.
    and also aren't there software out there that can fix this problem?

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    Hi, LuckyOne!

    Seem unlucky today.

    Well that's never happened to me, but I do know that Disk Integrity is attributed to many things but most popular are Improper Shutdowns and crashes.

    If your default Scandisk is running correctly, Would you be interested in using Nortem Disk Doctor? It's one of the many things in NORTON UTILITIES 2002, and is available on Kazaa.

    Hope that works, because installing XP is a lenghty process (1 hour) and that's not yet installing all the neccessary updates.

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    yah unfortunately i have tried norton diskdoctor, i did a normal test on my hd, and when it finally finished, it said that there was an error on the surface and fixed it. but when i restarted my pc, the same error appeared.

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    Sounds like your drive might be on it's way out. Maxtor has a diagnostic program called Powermax. You can get it here.

    It is a diskette based tool that checks the drive. Run it and do a "factory recertification test" and if you get an error code, write it down. This code is used for RMA (Return merchandise Authorization) to get a replacement under warranty. There is a low level format tool on the diskette also. Don't do a low level format unless your warranty is over (it's a last ditch effort to save a drive.)

    If your drive passes the "Factory recertification test" then your drive is fine and can be trusted.


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