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Thread: Why Do We Post Comments In The Verifieds?

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    jetje's Avatar former star
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    Sep 2002
    Just read a topic with a verified..

    some comments:
    1st class shite
    i rented it and forgot to watch and ended up watching it at 4 am on the day of it being due and wasted valuable sleeping time* it just ends all of a sudden also which makes me mad
    i downloaded this movie during the summer. Its horrible, there is really no point to it. The only good thing about this movie was it had nice graphics with the dragons
    And look at THIS, are post that i took out sharedaddys post.. Or at This other post

    This happens more and more.
    The verifieds will be a mess if we continue this way! Am i alone in this or do you agree!

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    I completely agree with you jetje.

    I mentioned something similar in this thread (last post)

    Also I think there are too many 'helpdesk' topics in verified hashes. Just take a look and you'll see lots of 'How do I download hashes' and so. That makes it extremely cluttered and not easy to look for hashes.
    Those should be deleted as well
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    for some reason, i think responses complimenting posts, commenting on the technical quality of the rip, or adding info about the movie's plot are okay... i actually sometimes enjoy reading those...

    but i think the ones that say "this movie is shite" and "this movie is gay" are less appropriate. if only for the fact that they send the message to the original poster that their efforts to dig up new hashes are not appreciated. i dunno, i guess i don't object to comments so much as people acting ungrateful.

    but if the forum added a rule that says "no comments in the verified sections," i would follow that rule.

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    jetje's Avatar former star
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    Sep 2002
    Yeah i can follow your thoughts 3RA1N1AC. I kinda agree, but problem is can all our members understand that?
    look at how easy people go of topic or really spam threads.. complimenting is nice really but doesn't ad the quality of the post. Info on codecs and the movie are imo real adds to the quality of the posts...

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    Well 3RA1N1AC, you hit a soft spot there. It would be nice to have some kind remarks now & then.
    Would certainly keep this board a happier place.

    I think if everything is kept in one thread it isn't a big of a problem. If we agree to keep all movie discussions and troubleshooting here and get rid of the non-hash topics in 'Verified Hashes' it would certainly clear up.

    The only problem I think is that it will need some pretty heavy moderating for a while... (over to you, jetje)
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    actually, if comments were banned from the verified sections (except --maybe-- comments about the video/audio quality), i would not really mind. if all members were to remember to include a link to IMDB or some other movie review site along with the hash, there would be no need for anyone to ask "what is that movie about?" B)

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    Guillaume's Avatar Kentish old lady BT Rep: +8BT Rep +8
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    May 2003
    I must confess I did post some things in the verifieds that were not useful... I'm not proud of it. Deleting them would save some valuable space (and time). The verified section has become a real pain to read!

    But if you delete them ,you'll have to add a rule, because if you don't we'll have the same conversation in 2 weeks!

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    Feb 2003
    I also think that the mods must delete/replace many topics like here out of the verified section.

    <<< maybe a solution: before posts in the verified section been placed the mods check them and then everybody will see them >>

    another thing: there are some movies/ especially games mentioned twice or more times in the request section, I mean more than 1 topic with the same movie/game request, why don&#39;t the mods delete them or something that there will be only one request, or when a movie/game is already in the verified section just delete the post&#33;

    last thing: double Verified post may be deleted like mine

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    Oct 2002
    no&#33; comments are usually nice.. Oh&#33; you did say &#39;useless posts&#39;... err what is useless? a post saying; &#39;yay&#33; thanks for posting this&#33;&#39; i dont think thats useless. i havent posted any verifieds for quite some time now, but when i did, i was glad, yes glad&#33;, if someone replyed...

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    I thinks comments on the qulaity of audio and video are fine, but some users dont put these comments in, so then its guaranteed that the next post straight afterwards is always:

    What is the quality like, fair enough.

    Other pointless comments are quality is good but you can download this one, and then a debate starts on that verified, so my point is just keep comments to the quality, possibly make it so that it is neccessary to add the quality of audio and sound

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