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Thread: Jerky Motion With Divx

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    Has anyone come across Divx files with really jerky frames. Looks as if it was filmed during an earthquake. This is a new problem, I think I installed new codecs that did this. Someone smart help me!

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    Yeah, I have that problem too. I don't know how to solve it, either.

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    Is it NTSC or PAL?

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    what files are they?

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    One of them was the Sum of All Fears.. it was a high quality cam.

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    what codecs did you install?

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    Uninstall your old codeds and install the latest k-lite codec pack full version. If you are having problems with WMP, then try the player included with the codec pack.

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    I noticed this was real bad on the Catch me if you can screener. CD 1 was really jumpy but CD 2 was fine. My guess is that it could be due to dodgy encoding in the first place.

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    Fixed it - bad codecs.. thanks guys


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