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Thread: Thedvdclub

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    the dvd club is now open for signups

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    So Harry

    TheDVDClub Celebrates their One Year Aniversary! - [Mar-01-2007] Today, exactly a year ago, me and some other staffers first started TDC. It was buggy, insecure and so on and after 4 days we even started over again, but still. Since today it's 365 days ago that had a working site on it for the first time ever. What has happend in all this time? Well, ALOT to be exact. We started with Wilba as coder, then Pleb learned his share of PHPing and eventually Wilba kinda left the coding to him and we got xela also on the team. With the moderaters i wouldn't even start with names but at the moment we have a steady team.
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    This is a good under rated site. They have several free leech torretns and a mandatory seed time to assure torrents don't die out. Check it out if you can get in.
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    Thanks Mannnnnnn

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    thanks man

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    nice, thanks already registered

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    is dvdclub rated 1 or 2?
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