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Thread: The Ultimate Pirate!

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    Come on guys some of us have been doing this for years, so lets see who has the most iso's bin's and game rips since they started using fileshare? should be interesting?

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    over 220 rips 85% of the games came from kazaa,

    a few games on bins not many about 5, as some games cannot be ripped etc mafia bf1942 tiger 2k3

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    hmm... used to run a PCBoard BBS for file sharing when I was 15...Razor being my fav for ripped gamesalso with ascii, ansi art, conspiracy theory papers etc... so for me to count will be in years...tick tick tick..dam I am getting old, 16 years so far! I think the question is, Have I ever bought software...HAAA, nope just the cool hardware to keep me kickn'



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