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Thread: Gta Vice City ...urgent

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    please tell me where fan i download gta vice city
    you can even send an email to...:
    i need this game please..........

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    Not another post

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    Originally posted by {I}{K}{E}@27 May 2003 - 11:34
    Not another post

    For God's sake, just go buy it. 3 times today I have seen post's from you on this

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    lol....why is this so urgent...sounds to me like your addicted to video games.

    You need the betty ford clinic for video game addicts.

    They put you in a straight jacket in the middle of a arcade with all your favorite video games.

    You could have gotten this game from eDonkey or eMule in 3 days

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    I suggest that you wait just a few day more, than you will be able to download the rip version of the game(it was release on may 14th).
    It's just 250 MB and the current version on kazaa is 1,5GB. So be patient and keep search for a 250MB file on kazaa, but be carefull or otherwise you will download the wrong file. cuz some istupidos renamed MAX PAYNE(size=253.944 KB) to GTA vice city.

    here is a link to the info-file of that rip:


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