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    Ok the last time you got a legal *Cough* piece of software off kazaa and you were asked to register it what name did you use....I used Mickey Mouse. i thought about George W. Bush but i thought i could get in trouble imporsenating a person but not a mouse....

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    This really should be in the lounge, but I'll answer it anyway or I'm just spamming myself.

    I used Dickwad to register Norton and get called Plonker with each email I get from them.

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    how about, igotit4free or ididntpay lol

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    I used the name of a moderator from this site.

    Only joking

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    i always put my own name!!...unless i'm going to copy it for somelse as well then i don't bother to register it

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    I use the name John Doe,

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    Dr Buck Rogers

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    Hugh G Rection

    or ME


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