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Thread: Operating Systems

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    What do you guys think is the best operating systems, Windows or Linux?? I personally like XP proffessional and 2000 professional, what do you think?

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    I know alot would disagree,but i liked ME guess i'm one of the lucky
    ones who got to appreciate it.I installed it when it was released,hadly had a single prob, and only recently upgraded to xp pro.

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    XP cos there are loads of progs, its new and rock stable. Im used to windows.

    Linux - thinking about Mandrake 9.1 looks good and has nice features, just dont like the idea of being able to break it as easily, its quite hard to break XP to the point where it wont work no more. and with linux u have to think of it in a differnet way, the OS is the bottom of the ladder then the HW which is treated as a file not a piece of hw, where as windows u have the C:\ then the OS then other HW which is treated like HW, u dont have to load(mount) it each time as with treating it as a file, it may be simple to do stuff with it since its like just writing to a file but then u also have to access it like a file and open it first.

    If linux had the software and hardware compatability without having to mess around with wine or these weird packaged progs then fine id go linux but since most games and progs dont work even with wine, or they run slower etc and cos the gui is weird.

    but u can recompile the kernal for ur processor which is funky, no wonder linux runs its progs faster, and id prefer a gui to most progs rather than talking to my pc via command line, and most advanced commands are command line only.



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    good old win98 SE..i'd like to try XP but would it work well on my comp?
    128mb ram
    intel celeron 366mhz

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    Originally posted by melgl@27 May 2003 - 18:33
    good old win98 SE..i'd like to try XP but would it work well on my comp?
    128mb ram
    intel celeron 366mhz

    Try win2000pro

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    yeah im still living in the dark ages myself..
    although im still on win98SE i rarely have problems with it.
    i stilll enjoy using it over anything newer...
    i tired xp the other day, installing it at a freinds house..
    it wasnt too hard to find my way around it..

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    i like windows 2000 professional. I'm sick of XP....too bloated in my opinion. never had a problem with win2kpro so.

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    I think windows xp pro is the best. It never crashes.

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    i like 200 pro as xp is aimed too much at the "new computer user" and i have never crashed it. thanks for all of the responses and keep them coming...

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    xp is the best for everyday use and it pretty rock solid.

    98se is the best os for gaming because the memmory management is pretty slack which can cause crashes.

    linux is excellent for a server os and im playing with mosix which lets you cluster all your machines together so you can share cpu time.

    let's see m$ try to incorporate a feature like that into windows

    oh yeah and macs are for people who can afford them.

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