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Thread: slow uploading for torrent leech and torrent damage?

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    for some reason im gettin really slow uploading speeds on torrent leech and torrent damage. its like 5kbs. with demonoid i get like 100kbs upload speed. i download them at like 800kbs. this is gettin on my nerves because i leave my cpu on all night and it only uploads like 100mbs at the most. is there something i need to fix to get fast upload speeds for those sites or is tht jsut how they are? o and im using Utorrent and i dont have any port problems.
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    maybe you should try some hot torrents in tl.
    and make yourself connectable.
    if you can upload high in demonoid, sure you can in tl.

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    so your saying the problem is that the torrents im downloading from tl and torrent damage arent popular? cause ive never ever have gotten a decent upload speed from any of them. and for demoniod no matter wht i download it uploads fast.

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    It could also depends on the amount of peers in the swarm. Demonoid torrents are also torrents from mininova ect... so theres alot more LEECHES on them so to speak.

    Also some tv shows/movies ect... could be popular in the UK for example but wouldnt be so popular in the U.S. Depending on what your seeding that could have an effect as well.

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    Agreed ^^^
    It's probably the because of the number of leechers. Public trackers have way more leechers and the private ones just the opposite because of the ratio "upkeep" rules. A quick way to check if that's the case on TD is to find you way to the "top 10", navigate to the top 10 "worst seeded" torrents, find one with a few seeders and lots of leechers, download only a few files and then let those files seed and watch to see what your upload rate is. TL might have a similar Top 10 but I'm not a member there so can't help with it. Let us know how it goes


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