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Thread: Best Way To Compress Mpeg's?

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    Just curious if there's some simple way to compress large files - I get like 2% compression on most when I try to zip them....grrr. Thanks.

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    maybe you can convert them to .AVI files

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    i'm using max dvd to avi creator
    generally get good compression, however, you may lose some quality depending on the source mpeg.

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    Is there no other compression prog that can just squash the file a little more? I have a bunch of mpegs that are around 750mb, and I just want to compress them to just under under 700mb.

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    if you compress the mpeg's down to avi's you'll save quite a bit of space. as an example, i compressed a 0.99 gig vob file the other day down to 117 meg avi. the quality of the avi was very good indeed, but obviously nowhere near the original vob file.

    if you're trying to compress to fit onto a 700 meg cd, you should be able to overburn 750 meg on a 700 meg disc. search for overburn on the forum and you'll find more information.
    good luck

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    I searched overburn, and found lots of threads about it, but nothing explains HOW to do it.

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    I would think using DIVX Pro would be the way since the divx compression scheme works so well. (here's a free version to try)


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