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Thread: Newsdemon

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    i have just got the newsdemon provider and so far very good.

    does anyone know much about them, are they good?

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    NewsDemon resells both Newshosting and Highwinds service, offering a choice of 4 server farms, with the Ashburn, VA location being owned by Newshosting, which offers much longer retention (using NZBs) than Highwinds.

    NewsDemon is not the cheapest provider around, but they're not too high-priced. Probably the best deal in unlimited service is Newshosting's $15/month plan, which has about 115 days retention using NZBs (though only 45 days worth of headers)

    People suffering from an ISP that throttles NNTP traffic would do well to try UNS's encrypted service to restore full download speed.

    People with ultra-high speed connections might find Giganews ideal, though it's more expensive, its quality of service is unmatched.

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    They also accept paypal payment

    very good usenet provider

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    i pay 12.60 a month for unlimited on newsdemon, has anyone ever had problems with them at all or are they good and reliable?

    i do have problems with isp throttling but seems to kick in about 4pm and lasts til about 1am (peak times i suppose) so i just download at night.

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    Never had any problems with them. Once forgot my username and got a reply within 10 minutes.

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    I used to use them but I switched to another provider. It was good at first but I had very fluctuating speeds and the europe server was always giving the message authorization temporarily stalled or something like that so I switched to uswest but my speed were not that good (probably routing though) and I had to repair quite a few times using quickpar. The thing that annoyed was support, sometimes I would get a response that seemed like they hadnt even read my question!. Im now a happy GigaNews customer and havent had a single problem since i've been with them

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    sounds like newsdemon on the whole then is pretty good, i have had probs with speed but i think i have narrowed that down now to isp throttling

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    just another question, i heard somewhere that if a provider was based in usa then its not good. just found out thats where newsdemon is based. is this ok?

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    NewsDemon is not a true newsgroup provider - they are a "virtual provider" or reseller, and through Newsdemon acting as a middleman, subscribers get access to "real" (back-end) providers Newshosting and Highwinds-Media.

    Resellers handle the billing and tech support themselves (quality of tech support can vary greatly between providers) but your download is actually coming from Newshosting or Highwinds servers.

    Considering that NewsDemon is more expensive than Newshosting or many Highwinds resellers, for the same number of connections, why do people get NewsDemon?

    Newsdemon does offer a package of 20 connections, which is more than most NSPs offer, but I have a hard time believing that many people really need 20 connections. If that is really the case, then a request should be made to Newshosting to offer a 20-connection service. I bet they would give a better deal than Newsdemon, anyway.

    Anyone needing a massive number of connections could even consider Astraweb's block accounts - which offer 50 connections (and more upon request)

    Basic comparison of unlimited service:

    Newshosting: 8 connections for $15/month, 110 day NZB retention (24/7 tech support) 8 connections for $15/month, 80 day NZB retention (24/7 tech support) (uses Highwinds servers)
    NewsDemon: 8 connections for $18/month, 110/80 day NZB retention (24/7 tech support)

    NewsDemon uses the same NewsHosting backend servers which has about 110+ day retention using NZBs, and the same three Highwinds servers that Ngroups uses, which each have about 80 days retention. (BTW: Ngroups plans to be adding Newshosting servers)

    I've seen a lot of people recommend Newsdemon, but unless you actually require all 20 connections (or for some reason need both Newshosting's as well as Highwinds servers at the same time) I say save your money and get NewsHosting directly.

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    thanks for the reply the problem i had was that i am based in uk and could only pay by debit card (not Visa) and the only service that was recomended and accepted these cards were newsdemon.

    so do you know where there servers are based then?

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