I thought that this would be interesting, and give newbies an idea of the atmosphere of a tracker. Let's get this started on positive note:

FSC Share Index Policy:
We also have the Share Index system, for those that find they cannot seed back enough to maintain a healthy ratio. For each 24 hours of connectivity, you will earn 0.10 for each active torrent. This is added to your file ratio to create the Share Index. The Share Index is the defacto measure of sharing on this site. To earn a 1.00 on a torrent that has no leechers, you only need to leave the torrent connected for 10 days. If you are partially successful in seeding some data back, the share ratio for that torrent will help to boost the file ratio. All this goes into the Share Index.

It's a great idea if you ask me, anyone dedicated enough to stay on a torrent over a week deserves the bonus.

Post other interesting rules below.