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Thread: Bittorent Blackout Due To Bbc Article !

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    alot of the bittorrent sites have been taken offline for the moment due to this , they should be back up when this passes

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    Yes, well, I read that article, and as always, the BBC put a bullshit spin on a legitimate story. Bittorrent did have copies available for download, but in 3 hours? Must be a really fast broadband connection. My cable is screaming fast, and I can't download 2 gigs of data in 3 hours, no way. Also they talked about a copy being made from a workprint, which is downright wrong. They are misrepresenting the quality of Matrix 2 on bittorrent, or anywhere for that matter. Still, its an interesting story.

    Edit: I haven't seen every copy of M2 that's out there, but I highly doubt that a trailer was included in any of them. These movies are compressed so that they fit on 1, 2 or 3 disks. It would be foolish to include a trailer which is readily available for download in other places, especially when space is an issue.
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    Just wanted to say I managed to get hold of the Divx version with Bittorrent and
    It does include the trailer for revolution, its around 696mb, so I guess it is possible
    to get it in around 3 hours(even though it took me longer)
    Quality was Ok not as good as the article makes out though, anyway if you
    manage to get Bittorrent to work(I cant at the moment)look for the version labeled

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    That version is a divx re-encode of the APM telesync version.

    So it's nowhere near the workprint quality that BBC article lets you believe.

    correction: it's a divx re-encode of the Centropy release
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    our pirating days are slowly dieing!!! time to change hobby! too much freetime? well then, find something better to do.


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